Start X Screen Exposing Unit [BL- 100]

Start X Screen Exposing Unit [BL- 100]


This a Screen Exposing Unit with Basic light.

Dispatch in 7 Days May 30, 2022

Product Name:- Start X Screen Exposing Unit
Model: UV:1100

This an Exposing unit with Basic light.

This is an exposing unit with basic light where the screen can be exposed in a good manner.

Product Feature:
8 PCS Printing UV Exposing Lights.
ON-OFF Switch  Exposing Light
25Kg Support Weight Glass
Crispy Half-Tone and Gradient Exposing.
All Film Support Exposing.


Product Details:

Weight- 40kg (approx)
Length-  26 inch
Breadth- 22 inch
Height- 7 inch



One Year Standard Domestic Warranty.

All the spares and parts are available.

English Version Hindi Version


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