Embossing ink (puff ink)

Embossing ink (puff ink)


Silicone Screen Printing Ink or Puff ink for raised and 3D type print on to the garments.

Dispatch In 2Days May 27, 2022

Silicone Screen Printing Ink:

Puff print is a very common print in the Fashion Industry. Puff ink is a screen printing ink additive to Plastisol inks which raises the print of the garment, In this method when the paste is printed and dries it look like normal printing garments but once it is cured the prints get slightly raised from the t-shirt and creating a 3D feel. Puff Print creates a new dimension to a t-shirt and is a great way to add some depth to a design.

Note: As plastisol ink is an oil/plastic-based ink,  it is mandatory to heat for curing the print.

Puff ink

Product Details:
Quality -Standard series
Colour Shade- Off White
Ink type- Oil-based
Net weight- 1kg 


Additional Information

Weight 1 kg


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