Printride Non-Stretchable 355 Mesh (1 Mtr Pack)

Printride Non-Stretchable 355 Mesh (1 Mtr Pack)


355 No. Non-Stretchable superior quality polyester screen printing mesh.

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Printride Non-Stretchable 355 Mesh (1 Mtr)

Printride Non-Stretchable 355 Mesh is a high-quality polyester mesh with very thin ultra-hard bidding which makes the mesh non-stretchable and gives the printer the perfect impressions all time. Mesh 260 Number is a fine quality mesh that gives a perfect impression with very little ink deposit. Suitable for all inks in plastic, jute, paper, and PP. Best for graphics that have minimum ink passing requirement or required fine graphics with fast drying and less ink consumption. Eg: Paper printing, Plastic bag, circuits, chipset, etc.

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Product Details:
Mesh Count – 355
Fabric Type – Polyester 
Fabric Color – White
Fabric Width- 65 Inch
Ideal For: Paper, plastic, metal, circuits, glass, and aluminum, etc.
Ink Support: Plastisol Ink, Water Based Pigment Ink, and PVC Inks
Quantity:  1 Metre


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