HD Heat Transfer Film [Pack Of 50]

HD Heat Transfer Film [Pack Of 50]


HD quality Plastisol heat transfer Film.

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Heat Transfer Film Paper Printing

Plastisol Heat Transfer Film is a special Film used to store or print matter with the help of this paper.

Plastisol Heat Transfer Printing is a process of screen printing, here you need a Plastisol Heat Transfer Film and in that transfer Film you have to print your design through screen printing by using plastisol ink,
and then that print you can transfer into the t-shirts for transferring the print into a t-shirt you need a heat press machine.

Note: One Time Use Only.
Heat Press Required.
Need to mix some extra chemicals.

Product Details:

Quality- HD
Type- Film
Size- 19×25 inch
Ideal For – Online Sellers and Neck Label Printers

Heat Transfer Film Price Heat Transfer Film Price



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