Fluorescent Neon

Fluorescent Neon


Neon Fluorescent ink for printing on the garments.

Neon Fluorescent inks :

are very bright as fluorescent inks absorb UV(Ultra Violet) lights. This ink will provide high performance over a long period of time. Fluorescent ink is usually brighter than normal plastisol ink. Fluorescent color ink will provide vibrant colors, great coverage, consistent work-ability every time, and it won’t get dry if it remains on the screen for a certain extended period. It is very easy to use and durable. Ideal for printing on fabrics, including cotton, polyester, blends, linen, rayon, Lycra, and other synthetics.

Note: As Fluorescent ink is an oil/plastic-based ink,  it is mandatory to heat for curing the print.

Product Details:
Quality -Superb

Color Shade- Neon
Ink type- Oil-based
Net weight- 1 kg


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