Printride Non-Stretchable 160 Mesh (5Mtr Pack)

Printride Non-Stretchable 160 Mesh (5Mtr Pack)


160 No. Non-Stretchable superior quality polyester screen printing mesh.

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Printride Non-Stretchable 160 Mesh (5 Mtr)

Printride Non-Stretchable 160 Mesh is a high-quality polyester mesh with thick cross bidding threads which makes the mesh non-stretchable and gives the printer the perfect impressions all time. Mesh 160 Number got semi-wide opening mesh count which seamlessly allow all inks to flow in a moderate amount. Suitable for all inks in garment segments. Best for graphics that have minimum ink passing requirement or required less ink spreading. Eg: Hair, Lines intersect, tree, etc,

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Product Details:
Mesh Count – 160
Fabric Type – Polyester 
Fabric Color – White
Fabric Width- 65 Inch
Ideal For: Garment Printing ( Tees, Cotton Bags, etc)
Ink Support: Plastisol and Water Based Pigment Ink
Quantity:  5 Metre


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