Emulsion A1 [Solvent Inks] Pack Of 6

Emulsion A1 [Solvent Inks] Pack Of 6

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Emulsion A1 is a superior quality screen coating emulsion used for plastisol ink and PVC ink.

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Emulsion A1

Emulsion Based Ink is a solvent base emulsion for graphic art screen printing. It has high solid contents, gives fine resolution, has fast exposure time, is easily reclaimable, and gives trouble-free screens.

This is a single cure solvent base emulsion can be used only in solvent inks eg; plastisol ink, PVC ink, etc.

Emulsion Ink

Product Details:

Color- Blue/Violet/Red
Type- Liquid 
Solid Content-38%
Packing- 900g
Quantity- 6No
Shelf Life – 1year
Ideal Printing Ink- Solvent Based Ink(Plastisol,PVc Inks)
[Avoid Direct Sunlight]

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Weight 900 kg


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